hell yeah

hell yEAH


bf just called honst “hantz”

he’s no longer my bf

…so does anyone have a halloween paint brush i can buy for like 1.4m ;;

i feel like that’d cover it up too much? o3o unless you’d just be using the skull? that might look cool, but it’s hard to be sure without actually testing it

yeah i was just planning on the skull. :} i kinda tested it in sai and it looked pretty good so i’m just gonna splurge for the halloween PB and then suspense will look gr8

i hope

transparent krawk

i’ve finally found a use for my FFQ come here suspense

well since you guys wanted me to

well since you guys wanted me to


i wanna show you guys a drawing i’ve been working on but i can’t decide if i should post the WIP or not..

neopianridicularity said: okay first of all how secondly are you okay thirdly buT HOW

i’m gonna put this under a read more just in case anyone’s kinda squeamish about these things aight

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yo i’m just saying don’t ever walk through forests expecting things to be all relaxing and cool because i almost lost my fucking eye to a tree branch two days ago like legit

fuck trees