aw ye mango got his fur fluffed

mango wtf

i need space anyone want these things


listen to the wildclaw and remove these from his domain



hello! have you got any art tutorials or step by step processes anywhere? i love your art style!! ;o;


aw, thank you anon! ;v; i don’t actually have any tutorials, unfortunately..i suppose i could make one? but i’d have no idea what style to do because i can’t seem to figure it out..what style do you see from me most often?

if anyone could tell me yo that’d be rad and i could give this anon what they want so doooo it


say hello 2 my lair representative, twinge

wtf the fuck are those megas

whht is this

a couple of my dragons made perfect pretty froot loop children

the male is so pretty omfg i may keep him but the  azure/red/ivory female is 20k. 15k through CR~